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10 Reasons why travel consulting is important to travel companies

23. August 2019 17:53 by Mr. Trideep Aggarwal in Travel Consulting

Travel consulting helps you fulfill your travel business goals                                                                               

Travel companies face various business challenges, including low conversion rate, inability to reach a specific target audience, wrong sales strategy, consequences of mergers, and lack of right technical solutions. Therefore, they need highly influential assistance on their business models.

Airlines, OTA(s), TMC(s), and tour operators confirm that travel consulting has played a major role in their businesses. Travel industry consultants give them expert guidance on different areas of business. They help these companies improve conversion rates, web-optimization, supplier negotiations, distribution strategy, customer experience, business efficiency, and other necessary factors that add value to their business.

Benefits of travel consulting services

Travel consulting firms help travel companies by giving extraordinary ideas relevant to their specific business needs. Travel and tourism consulting firms can assist companies in becoming better travel service providers.  When you partner with travel consulting companies, they can offer you intelligent service consultations to provide solutions to all your travel business needs. Travel management consulting is beneficial to travel entities as it provides the following business solutions:

  • Expert advice
  • Time-saving and growth-oriented solutions
  • A creative approach to enhance business
  • Guidance on the use of cutting-edge technology
  • Best travel management solutions at a reasonable cost


Are you getting the most out of your travel business?

Business travel consulting: Technology, planning & more

Travel Consulting helps you obtain the most out of your business and promotes improvement in various business areas, including distribution systems, suppliers, customer experience, technology, and sales. If we consider some of the most vital parts of your business, travel management consulting could help you become a better travel provider with any of the services listed below:         

  • Proper brand evaluation
  • Sales and marketing consultation
  • Travel distribution modifications
  • Travel fulfillment options
  • Corporate travel auditing
  • Strategic travel management solutions

Role of travel industry consultants in reshaping your travel business

  • Being specialized in the travel domain, travel industry consultants are able to do travel agency assessments and help agencies resolve different issues.
  • Travel industry consultant helps travel agencies form strategies to reach specific target audiences.
  • The expert team of travel industry consultants can inform travel companies about simple methods of managing loyalty rewards. This helps companies implement loyalty programs easily and build long-standing customer relations.
  • Travel industry consultants are capable of assisting you on the best travel management solutions that fit into your budget.
  • In addition to Air, Hotel, and Car contract review, technology audits can also be performed by travel industry consultants. Thus, presenting you with plans and opportunities to outperform your competitors.
  • Travel consulting companies provide the business framework that you can apply to take your business forward.
  • You get to know the best IT solutions, with the help of travel industry consultants, to increase the efficiency of your travel business.


10 Reasons that make travel management consulting essential to travel companies

Excellent Planning

Travel consulting firms can assist travel companies formulate and execute travel plans. They know about the latest travel trends and can help companies fulfill their ongoing demand patterns through careful planning and industry leading strategies.

Survive Market-Pressure

Travel management consulting provides solutions that help travel agencies deal easily with market pressure. For example, travel consulting firms know the importance of showing flight amenities to customers. Therefore, they recommend NDC based solutions to deal effectively with market competition. In addition to this, they also suggest the best quality management solutions for proper fare management.

Customer Satisfaction

Travel consulting services uses a variety of solutions to provide round the clock support. This can help travel companies solve customer queries and concerns in a timely fashion which can increase customer satisfaction. By providing this quality of service and customer satisfaction, travel companies can increase the chances that customers will return for their future travel needs.

Expert Advice

Travel consulting firms have highly talented teams of travel industry experts that can provide guidance to travel companies. This guidance can help them overcome various challenges and as a result, improve their overall business.

Risk Management

Travel agencies, OTA(s), TMC(s), Airlines, and other travel planners want to minimize their financial risks when taking on new business. They can have a travel industry consultant help evaluate their risks and provide them with possible methods to minimize any risks they may find.

Improve Sales & Marketing

One of the many services a travel consulting firm can provide is that they can help rebuild a travel company’s sales and marketing strategies. A consultant can assist a travel company by informing them of the benefits of social-media, upselling of products, and the formation of unique travel products to engage more customers.

Customer Retention

Travel agencies apply different methods to build customer trust, but not all of the methods are successful. A travel agency consulting service can provide assistance with loyalty management, this helps agencies keep a long-standing relationship with their customers. When the travel agency rewards its customers with perks, add-ons, travel discounts, or exclusive invites, they’re more likely to return to the same agency whenever they need travel services.

Brand Analysis

Travel consulting firms do brand analyses of travel companies in order to help them with the best solutions. This is helpful to companies in reforming their current business models, fare structure, workflow, and methodologies. In this way, travel companies take a positive step towards high return potential.

Supplier Relations

Travel consulting companies help travel agencies make valuable relations with travel inventory suppliers so that they can make more money, by managing profit margin per ticket.

Latest Technology Based Solutions

Travel industry consultants assist travel service providers in the configuration of the best business solutions. They offer travel booking engine consulting, private label solutions, best solutions in relation to ticket issuance, recommend advanced travel API, and other latest technology-based solutions that increase business efficiency.

Importance of travel booking engine consulting

A state-of-the-art travel booking engine plays an important role in the travel business. It saves time and operational cost of travel companies. Travel booking engine consultation involves the proper analysis of travel product vendors, search of the best product, its limitations, and licensing costs. This helps travel companies get the best travel product to serve their customers.

Travel Consulting: Conclusion

  • Travel entities confirm travel consulting helps them beat the market competition.
  • Business travel consulting gives step-by-step solutions to travel companies.
  • Travel consulting companies help in forming the best strategy for the travel business.
  • Travel industry consultants help travel companies by suggesting them excellent business opportunities.

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