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Technology as the Holy Grail for the future

28. October 2020 00:42 by Mr. Trideep Aggarwal in API, Travel Technology Company

Most articles this year talk about the pandemic and the changes it has brought. While that may be true, technology has always played a pivotal role in the travel industry over the last few decades. Travel customers have already moved online and the industry has adopted digital tickets and boarding passes long before the pandemic existed. Yet, some companies are just realizing the importance of technology and how it can help their business. Below are some areas where technology can help you.

Reduce expenses

For travel companies, technology is at the center of reducing expenses by automating or outsourcing various business processes. As an example, if you are not filing your private fares electronically or still doing it in-house, you are missing on new customers who shop online. The same goes for business processes like schedule changes and document delivery. If you still have not transitioned online or are considering building a customer solution, the opportunity is today. Now is the best time to focus on how companies like TWAI can help you reduce costs while tapping into new business resources.

Grow business

Customers today are looking for “instant gratification” which means they need instant answers for their questions. If you do not have your products online, you are missing out on a huge untapped market. Online booking engines like AccessOne by TWAI, are necessary to attract these new channels of customers. Further, you need to be able to expand your product offerings by selling discounted NET rates, hotels, and cars to offer a single place for customers to shop.

Best practices

While you may be an expert in your business, it is always a good idea to know what is going inside and outside the industry. This should help you implement best practices for your own business processes. It is common-place to outsource your labor-intensive tasks to outside companies which frees up your staff’s expertise to focus on sales and growing the business. At the same time, you get the benefit of industry expertise and best practices to reduce errors.

Offer new products

The travel industry has always used technology to find ways to offer new products. Even now, some airlines are using this time to focus on new technologies like NDC and Rich Content, to offer new products for customers. Today’s consumer is an informed customer who wants all the information at the click of a button. Further yet, most are demanding this to be available on their cell phones on demand. While you may have expertise in your travel products, you need our expertise to help cater to your customers.

Enhance customer experience

Today’s customer is more informed than at any time in history. Technology has been a major enabler for this change in behavior. The pandemic has only sped up this change further where customers now want to know about the change and cancellation policies, cleaning procedures, etc. before they even make a purchase decision. To make matters worse, the data is fragmented across GDS, NDC, external suppliers, and legacy systems. You need a technology expert who knows the travel industry to help you through this maze.

As the famous saying goes “change is the only contact”. This is especially true for the travel industry where technology has enabled faster transactions while offering an individualized experience for travelers. Unlike other industries, customer service is at the forefront of the travel industry. Why not let technology help you grow your business and further, why not let technology companies like TWAI, who are focus on the travel industry, show you the ways technology can help your business.