Twai | Here’s how B2B travel software development company favors you

Twai TWAI is an innovative travel technology company that strives to modernize travel distribution by enabling Travel Suppliers to seamlessly distribute their content to directly at a lower cost.

Here’s how B2B travel software development company favors you

B2B travel software development: The key to a revolutionary change

Along with the increasing number of tourists and travelers, the need for the best travel portal solutions is also increasing. Emerging technologies have paved the way for bi


g as well as startup travel companies to have reliable travel portal solutions. As a travel company, if you also want to facilitate seamless bookings and enjoy better profit possibilities, a B2B travel software development service

e can help you achieve the desired results.

B2B travel portal development companies develop and redefine travel software to suit the modern demand patterns. They provide B2B travel software development services for flights as well as hotel bookings as their advanced software solutions facilitate easy API/GDS/XML integrations. Using B2B travel software, travel companies can automate their business and thereby extend the agent network. 

Here, we will discuss why should travel companies get a B2B travel software service, how customer retention can be achieved through travel software development, ways how a B2B travel software development company favors travel companies, about the best travel software development company, and a glimpse of modules related to B2B travel portal development.

7 Reasons: Why to get the B2B travel software development service?

  • B2B travel software development services enable travel companies to withstand market challenges and retain customers by providing the best in class travel software solutions.
  • If you want to sell flight tickets, hotel rooms, or any other product-related to travel, the B2B travel portal software development service lets you access related details from anywhere with desktops or mobile phones.
  • By partnering with an experienced travel technology company, you can get all the required products at a single platform. For instance, a veteran B2B travel software development company can provide you services like website development, API development, API integration, web application services, custom development, custom B2B travel booking software, and more.
  • B2B travel portal development companies are proficient in portal, design, development, and integration of GDSs. They manage the development of the travel portal diligently.
  • The team of developers makes use of the latest technology in B2B travel software development so that travel companies can use modern ways to handle their travel network.
  • If you want to set up a travel business, an innovative solution like a custom B2B travel software development will help you meet customer expectations and grow.
  • A B2B travel software development service involves automated transactions between third parties and booking agents.    


Retain customers through B2B travel software development

Travel companies need to keep customers at priority as they play a vital role in driving businesses towards growth. If your customers will do not find your services valuable they will surely move to another travel service provider to have a more personalized booking experience. To form stronger customer relationships, travel companies need to offer personalized user interactions on their portals, otherwise, they may lose their customers.

Retaining customers is not difficult as compared to bringing new customers. Therefore, in order to retain customers on your travel portal, get the software solution from the trusted B2B travel software development company. This will help you achieve more customer engagements on your websites and business growth.

11 ways how B2B travel software development company favors you

  • B2B travel software development company ensures end to end travel portal solutions by making clear that all the modules are responsive.
  • A B2B travel software development company has a partnership with various airlines worldwide that helps them provide economical fares.
  • It provides real-time access to online bookings with a user-friendly interface.
  • It provides powerful admin panel to have control over markups & commissions.
  • B2B travel software development companies ensure flexible communication options which help handle agent network easily.
  • B2B travel software development company brings software that has multi-currency support and multi-language support features.
  • B2B travel software from a trusted B2B travel software development company has a standard inventory which reduces inventory costs.
  • An advanced B2B travel software development company includes flexible options for activating, deactivating users, agents, and suppliers.
  • It helps generate more business by providing worldwide reach.
  • B2B travel software company ensures automated booking confirmation which avoids delay in complete booking process.
  • A B2B travel software development company can provide details of all financial transactions to all agent networks.

Looking for the best B2B travel software development company?

TWAI is a well-known B2B travel software development company that is headquartered in the USA. They deliver various travel software development services including flight booking engine, hotel booking engine, XML / API Integrations, custom travel software development, and other web application development for travel.

TWAI’s specialty is that they not only offer open market products but offer custom software travel solutions as well. They have experienced staff that is capable of understanding the client's vision. They design and develop solutions that exactly match client requirements.

The B2B travel software development by TWAI ensures B2B travel booking software integrated with a standard list of suppliers and excellent inventory management systems for flights and hotels.

TWAI provides responsive layouts to serve your web design projects in the best way. Its range of products has 100% mobile compatibility.

TWAI has travel partners worldwide including online travel agencies (OTAs), destination management companies, travel consolidators, B2B travel wholesalers, and corporates.

B2B travel portal development modules

There is a vast description related to B2B travel software development modules. Here, we have mentioned some essential modules associated with the B2B travel portal development.

  • Agent Registration and login
  • User Registration and login
  • Travel company login
  • Travel company dashboard management
  • Markup management
  • Review booking status
  • Canceled booking status
  • Tracks vouchers/invoices
  • Real-time reporting facility