Twai | Why do travel companies need ATPCO fare filing solution?

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Why do travel companies need ATPCO fare filing solution?

3. August 2019 03:07 by Mr. Trideep Aggarwal in Fare Filing

ATPCO fare filing involves loading fares into an ATPCO database so that they can be distributed in all GDSs worldwide. ATPCO allows Airlines and 3rd parties to code fares, rules, taxes, and routing directly into its database. Lack of proper knowledge on fare loading solution and rule interpretation affects the revenue of many travel companies. Therefore, they need an ATPCO fare filing service to resolve their fare loading concerns.

Airlines, OTA(s), TMC(s)/Corporate, tour operators, and consolidators load their promotional/special fares into ATPCO database in order to process their fares for redistribution. Fare filing service allows them to load those fares on ATPCO database for proper fare redistribution. These companies need real-time fare filing service to beat the market completion by displaying their special fares before their competitors. Moreover, ATPCO fare loading solution allows selling fare update and help companies do fare data management as per their choices.

Analytics-driven solutions used by ATPCO fare filing experts help travel companies load fare rules, and routing. They also perform CAT 15 fare filing, CAT 10 fare filing, CAT 25 fare filing, Negotiated Cat 35 fare filing, Military fare filing, Published, Private, Net, Branded Fares, Commission, and YQ/YR Tax Filings. This allows companies to handle any complex fare filing in a simplified way. Round the clock fare loading service helps companies achieve speed to market. Thereby they load their sellable fares efficiently.

6 benefits of ATPCO fare filing service

  • Fare Accuracy
  • Speed to market
  • Cost saving
  • Fare optimization
  • Increase Revenue
  • Fare filing for any fare type


 ATPCO fare filing helps travel companies overcome business challenges 


Sometimes Airlines have to face challenges like wrong sales strategy, dynamic market conditions and inaccurate fare distribution due to low technical standards. However, ATPCO fare filing service helps them overcome these challenges. The service helps them load fares, routing, rules, taxes into ATPCO. They can also load fare types like Type L, Type T, Type C, etc. The fare filing experts help Airlines with their best fare loading solutions and are capable of coding any fare data in ATPCO database. The automated process removes the need for manual intervention during the fare loading process. Therefore, the possibility of errors while loading fare rules, routings, add-ons, and other conditions is reduced. Fare filing experts are proficient in loading any simple and complex fare sheets in very less time. Additionally, ATPCO has also launched a new tool that helps airlines to maintain accuracy in fare data by correcting erroneous fares in just 15 minutes.


Online travel agencies manage various tasks associated with their travel businesses. They need to consider competitor's sites, metasearch sites, supplier sites, and multiple travel brands to maintain their position among their competitors. They also have to spend time to implement solutions to give the best shopping experience for their customers. Meanwhile, they require private fares filing on ATPCO in order to load their special fares for redistribution. They look for fast ATPCO fare loading solutions. This allows them to get their special fares in the market before others. The fare filing service helps them maintain data quality and manage markup with selling fare update redistribution solution. The fare filing management solutions help OTA(s) load fares accurately so that they achieve maximum benefits from their best fares. 


Consolidators need to manage various fares as they have pressure from Airlines as well as clients. They require excellent fare loading and management service to overcome these challenges. Hence, ATPCO fare filing helps them with fare coding macros that perform accurate fare upload. This ensures proper fare redistribution without lacking data accuracy. Fare filing solution automates the whole fare management process and saves the time of Airline consolidators. This reduces manual interventions that help consolidators do cost savings as well. In this way, they manage their contract fares in an excellent way.


Travel management companies require ATPCO fare filing service to reduce the procedural complexities in managing fares. The fare loading solution helps them manage profit margin per ticket with the help of SFU redistribution solution. This reduces any process errors.  Thereby they manage their negotiated contracts in a simplified way. Right fare markup and redistribution solution helps TMC(s) make the best use of their contract fares and increases revenue.

Tour Operator

Tour operators face various concerns like dynamic packaging and cache challenges. They also need to meet their customer expectations by having the right solutions. In order to bring dynamic packaging on websites, standardized data quality is required. However, the global distribution of airfare content does not have needed data quality due to interruptions caused during the distribution process. Therefore, tour operators find ATPCO fare filing service as a right solution to overcome these procedural difficulties. In order to maintain accurate data quality, they employ the ATPCO fare filing and management solutions. In this way, they save time and make cost savings.

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